English press release, Calling for You out 7/1

Swedish IT consultant & business owner breaking new grounds as POP- queen.

Maria Rodhe from Stockholm, releases a new single with a critical message, 2022-01-07

Maria Rodhes first EP Happy Ending reached more than 80000 streams on Spotify first three months. 

”The clever use of different instrumentation and sounds help lift this EP into a special zone. Maria Rodhe has created a very cool debut EP. I still have the hook to ”You and Me” in my head as I write this.” //Fonz Tramontano, Clouzine Magazine, 30th edition

”You’d be surprised to find out that she hasn’t quite broken into the mainstream yet, the arrangement and production sound straight out of a major label.”// Kartik Sundar, Find No Enemy

”The audio experience is very pleasant, and a definite hit with pop enthusiasts. More importantly to me, this track allows this album to end on a hopeful, exciting note – the true happy ending. At the end of every heartbreak is another tale of love about to begin. And that is the emotion that this song leaves me with as the album closes shut.”// Kirti Suri, SinusOidal Music

This week on Friday 7/1,  her new, even cooler, single Calling for You is released

This 2:38 min. track is, according to herself, the best track so far! It is filled with fresh Caribbean POP vibes, a phat (with ”ph”) choir and, of course, her own significant sound. With this single the artist wants to raise awareness. Being a teenage mom herself, she really cares for the younger generations supposed to care for us one day… 

”I’m not jealous of the children growing up today, I am concerned. We should teach our children self love and respect. Many of them are constantly exposed and compared on social media. They live, many times, in an ”illusionary reality”. If we teach them to fall in love with themselves while being empathic to others, without being narcissists…we will build a strong and stable society”, Maria Rodhe claims. ”We should never compete or compare with anyone else but ourselves.”

Calling for You was actually removed as opening title on Happy Ending as it had too good VIBES not to be sent to the Swedish song contest Melodifestivalen (entry to ESC). However, being a busy mom and entrepreneur along with her new career as POP queen, Maria sadly missed that deadline.  Now recovered from THAT loss, it is time to let this track see daylight. Marias’ vision for this song is to perform, live on stage, supported by a children’s choir chanting the message,  the love to ONE SELF, the infinite love you get when you love your self first, it is MASSIVE! 

Maria about co- dependancy

Maria Rodhe was raised in a dysfunctional family being daughter to a periodically alcoholic father. She always cared for others but still always felt very lonely. Her weapon became to hide her feelings deep deep down and to stay calm in her own self whenever there was chaos. The past years, working with herself, she grew mentally stronger and also she began to support younger generations acting as mentor. She also gave some lectures to school kids on how to succeed as an entrepreneur in a male dominant business, even though circumstances may not always be perfect. Maria Rodhe has spent many years as a successful consultant and business owner within IT.

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