Addicted to progress


10 oktober, 2021

Well, today is World Mental Health day so let’s give it some light from another angle than the ones depressed. There’s always people affected by the ones depressed as well and far from everybody that are depressed acts in silence…

What it looks like?

I know or have met many people whom I believe suffer depression in some way. Sometimes it clearly shows, sometimes it doesn’t… Some have shown true narcissist charachteristics, it is all about them and they believe you are not supporting them enough.
Some where just seeking attention by acting in an unproper way showing lack of respect numbers of times in favor of their own, sometimes disqusting, needs. I’ve also learnt that I cannot be of help to all of those reaching out/being exposed to me IRL and here, on Social Media… even if I sometimes tried. The thing with being kind, happy and polite is that sometimes people that may not know you well, reach out to you as a way to try to get some of that ”nice shit” you seem to have. I learned to say no to that. I have enough challenges in my own life.

But, We can always try to be kind to eachother and show respect. To be brutaly honest is not showing the above. Having that said, don’t take shit just because people maybe depressed but they might need professional help. Leave quick (if toxic) and/or do the necessary if needed or if children (or if they are children) are involved (contact parents, social services, police etc).

When enough is enough

I have sometimes had to verbally respond back as brutal/transparent as I’ve been attacked, even if that hurts in a way. But I am not mother f-ing Theresa.
I have also had to cut off some really close friends of mine due to their (according to me) lack of insight that they actually need help…
That also hurts, but I’ve learnt from being a
co-addictive daughter all life, to avoid people who does not show me the respect I deserve (and so do you!) even if I feel sorry for them.

It might sometimes seem depression brings out the worst in people. You might feel they are actually disqusted by other stronger & seemingly happier souls. I still do believe in mutual respect and to cut off contact with energy thieves as a way to own your own mental Health. I hope that makes any sense to you.
We all must own our mental health & not let ourselves get infected by the toxic from depression.


Below some pictures from WHO about different depression use cases!

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