Maria Rodhe is a living proof of how fear will not get you where you want. Hard (and smart) work and some resistance, from your own mind as well as others, might work as excellent inspiration sources though. Having lived life and worked her way alone through separations at the same time as running businesses, gave her a lot of grit, courage and boldness. Maria loves to discuss topics that people might think of as tabu as everything is supposed to be perfect, right?

Money was always a driving force since her early teens. Maria grew up in a classical working class home… parents divorced when she was seven and even if Maria always had what she needed, she dreamed of a life where money was not a showstopper for her or her children. Maria realized in her late thirties that she is co- dependent as her father suffers from periodic alcoholism. This to made her who she is today and for that, she’s grateful. 

Having lived the life in fear of what other people might think and how she would be defined, a typical co- dependent characteristics, she finally woke up. It is not her responsibility what others think. What a relief. She finally began to live the life meant for her. A life where music, business development and management is a bigger part along side with her motherhood, of course.

Born and raised in Stockholm Sweden, Maria spent most of her years in music school. Singing in choir and performing around the capitol of Swedens different churches and in large arenas such as Globen was part of the everyday task. In school she fell in love with vocal harmonization and… HI-FI systems. She began to invest her small earnings as a teen in CD ROMs and HI-FI systems. One of her early HI-FI memories (apart from the military green waterproof SONY walk-man) is a red SABA multifunctional system with LP- player and double tape AND… a microphone… to sing along with! After graduation Maria worked as a waitress and a few years later, she started her IT- studies. 

After studying programming and network, she began her professional career and after having given birth to two lovely ones, she started her own consulting business. 

Today Maria Rodhe is found on many platforms. Mari and her co- writers’ work is played on radiostations across the globe. Her debut EP was reviewed and featured in many magazines across UK and US where she also featured live radio.

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