”The clever use of different instrumentation and sounds help lift this EP into a special zone. Maria Rodhe has created a very cool debut EP. I still have the hook to ”Young Me” in my head as I write this.”

Fonz Tramontano, Clouzine Magazine, 30th edition

”You’d be surprised to find out that she hasn’t quite broken into the mainstream yet, the arrangement and production sound straight out of a major label.”

Kartik Sundar, Find No Enemy

”The audio experience is very pleasant, and a definite hit with pop enthusiasts. More importantly to me, this track allows this album to end on a hopeful, exciting note – the true happy ending. At the end of every heartbreak is another tale of love about to begin. And that is the emotion that this song leaves me with as the album closes shut.”

Kirti Suri, SinusOidal Music

Maria Rodhes artist logo is designed with a tiara on the top as a symbol of victory and dignity. It was also a symbol on the debut EP cover where Maria puts a tiara on her head.