Dancing Queen by Maria Rodhe
Cover art for Dancing Queen

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Music and writing can heal almost any state of mind

Welcome to my official website.

The music has been compared to everything from Madonna and Ariana Grande to Romanian pop. Find out yourself what you think by listening.

I also love to write. Write about leadership, psychology and relationship… this I do in the blog section.

I live and work in Stockholm so if you want to get in contact to discuss arrangements, such as entertainment, moderating etc. this is where you’ll find me.

What’s going on?

In 2023 I plan a few releases. The first one is an ABBA cover of Dancing Queen. This will be followed by a second cover by Swedish artist and actor, Björn Skifs. ”Michelangelo” was part of the Swedish song contest Melodifestivalen in 1975,

2024 I’m planning to release another EP. I call it TMS as in, ”The Makeup Songs”. Here I deal with emotions and feelings that many of us struggle with in relationship to our parents, children and friends.

”Music can heal any state of mind” is my mantra and well, music is emotions, my only question is, can you feel it?

Looking back

Listen to my version of Dancing Queen in the ”Weekly cover”- competition in the radio show ”Maracas” on air, ”Mix Megapol” in February 2022.

Read the naked interview with Maria in the UK music blog, York Calling. Publish date: 23/2.

Maria Rodhe was guesting the morning show at Sveriges Radio P4 Stockholm Friday 4/2. You’ll find the interview 3:45:30 in the show. Happy Listening!

I got paid a visit by Sveriges Radio P4 Stockholm in 2022.

The single, Older, was released on platforms 24th of June 2022. The track speaks about being courageous enough to know when to prioritize yourself and to let go of toxic relationships. Far too many times do we allow ourselves to be unhappy, not to seldom due to someone else’s low self esteem. Listen to it and get empowered to trust your own way!

My music is to be found on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, AppleMusic, Deezer, Soundcloud, YouTube Music, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, Anghami, Shazam, iHeartRadio, DigitalDJPool, Slacker, Napster and Tidal.

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